Nudie Jeans – Stockholm

The Swedish brand Nudie Jeans has step by step developed its concept and its journey for a more sustainable consumption and future. Major investments are being made to maintain its position as a leading player in the industry when it comes to sustainable production, recycling and lower climate footprints. We at LSI are happy to […]

A Day’s March – Stockholm

A Day’s March creative director Pelle Lundquist together with interior designer Daniel Braconier have designed the new store and are the ones behind the concept. Together with project management from Space In The Making, LSI has worked closely with all parties involved to reach the ultimate goal. The existing store’s area of ​​70 sqm is […]

AVAVAV – Stockholm

AVAVAV was founded to challenge the fashion industry. They find new ways to work in a traditional industry, create their own expression and offer a greater audience high quality fashion. Their inspiration comes from Sweden and Italy and focuses on sustainability and quality. LSI has produced the interior for their Pop-Up at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm. […]

Nudie Jeans – Åhléns City Stockholm

Nudie Jeans has updated its shop-in-shop at the Åhléns department store in Stockholm. The concept is recognized from previous stores and includes, among other things, jeans storage in plywood as well as podiums and storage cladded in brick tiles. LSI was given the privilege to produce all interior, in close cooperation with the client and […]

ETON – Åhléns City Stockholm

ETON has updated its shop-in-shop at Åhléns City in Stockholm. At prime location in the department store, the customer is welcomed into the world of ETON and LSI has in addition to project management also produced and installed the interior. The material consists of newly produced modules together with pre-existing units from the previous shop. […]

Nudie Jeans – London

Nudie Jeans means the dream of denim and durable jeans, both for the user and for the environment. LSI supplies interior and repair stations of pine plywood and brick tiles.

AVAVAV – Stockholm

Efter att ha varit medgrundare till globala varumärken som Cheap Monday, Weekday och Monki, skapar nu Linda och Adam Friberg AVAVAV

CAMP PRO – Stockholm

Camp Pro is part of the Allard Group, which has a widespread global business within orthopedic materials including prostheses and orthoses