Environmental policy

At LSI Group, we care about our environment and we are serious about how we conduct our business. We treat everything and everyone we work with, with high consideration and care.

Everyday life is reflected in business ethics, personnel care, environmentally-friendly products, renewable energy, a constant focus on our manufacturing processes. We believe in setting a good example and striving to find sustainable solutions in collaboration with our customers and partners.

As a consumer of raw wood materials, LSI Group shall work to ensure that the business is conducted with outmost care, for the environment and for the employees. We must comply with applicable legislation and we comply with PEFCTM’s and FSC®’s requirements and intentions, and insure as far as possible that the raw material does not come from illegal or unauthorized harvesting of the community, key biotopes, forest areas where stolen or civil rights are violated, forest rights high conservation values ​​are threatened, genetically engineered trees or natural forests that have been felled for the purpose of utilizing the area for plantations or non-forest land use, ILO’s core conventions are violated.

Operations must be conducted and improved in such a way as to reduce any negative impact on the environment. Raw materials must be sourced as much as possible from environmentally certified certified producers. We must responsibly fulfill our commitment to employees, society, the environment and contractors. The staff must be trained and informed so that it can fulfill the above requirements, intentions and laws.