About us

LSI Group develops and delivers brand-building interiors that match your ambition, passion, needs and function. Through innovative solutions, attention to detail and experienced project managers, we deliver superior interior solutions that create extraordinary customer experiences.

The joinery dating from 1946 is located in Lund just outside Malmö. Here you get help with the entire chain – from consulting, design, project management, production to assembly on site.

Interior made with passion

since 1946

With LSI Group you get a partner who is just as easy to discuss design and construction issues with your architect, as finance and logistics with your establishment manager.

We help you to realize the environments in which your customers thrive, which drives sales and which gives a lasting positive impression.

Business concept

With a sense of material and design, focus on wholeness and high service create brand-strengthening indoor environments.

  • A sense of material and design means that we use our expertise and knowledge to provide the customer with added value in the form of design, functionality, finish and quality.
  • Focusing on the whole means for us that we look after the entire customer need and take responsibility for the entire project. The customer receives added value in the form of simplicity, security and peace of mind.
  • High service means that we always aim to exceed customer expectations for service.
  • With brand-enhancing environments, we help the customer do good business.


LSI Group will become a leader in the market for indoor environments that create experiences and strengthen brands.

  • Leading means for us that we will be the obvious choice when new interior design concepts are to be realized through innovative thinking and innovations with a large business focus.
  • Indoor environment means for us public environment such as shop, hotel, restaurant and office.
  • Experiences mean to us that the environment in which our products are found should give the visitor a welcoming, inspiring and attractive feeling.

Quality and Environment

When you are happy with us and feel that you are happy to pass our name on to your friends, then we are also happy.

Quality is about far more than the feeling of a newly cut oak veneer or the perfect fit in a sliding door. Quality is when you can feel safe. Sure we at LSI Group are worried about land and sea, sure that we are serious about our way of doing business, and sure that we are scared of everything and everyone we work with.

Everyday life is evident in business ethics, personnel care, environmentally friendly products, renewable energy, a constant eye on our manufacturing processes and much more.

Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

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Our history

The start of a carpentry
The carpenters Artur Kristensson and Nils Olsson did a joint thing in 1946 and started a carpentry. The company was named AB Lunds Snickerifabrik. Artur and Nils built the original factory premises on their own, which is still part of the LSI Group's plant in Lund.
The small joinery is growing
Lunds Snickeri soon became well known for his craftsmanship, for his love for the extremely well-made and for his care of the customers. The skilled employees performed from doors and windows to interior carpentry and many chose to stay for a long time. Knowledge and continuity increased in popularity. From the sixties up to the turn of the century, Lunds Snickeri was also extensively hired by Mårtenssons Orgelfabrik in Lund and performed wooden stands for a large number of church organisms. Some of them still remain around the country, including the Mariakyrkan in Skogås, Stockholm diocese
Retail interior
During the eighties and nineties, Lunds Snickeri began to specialize more and more in shop fittings and interiors for companies and the public environment. Among the clients were a large Swedish fashion company, Hennes & Mauritz. The collaboration was developed to make H&M the dominant customer until the 10's.
Lunds Snickeri becomes LSI Interiors
The company develops its cooperation with several large retail chains, Apoteket AB becomes a major customer. Where LSI Interiors helps with turnkey stores throughout the country. With the new name came a stronger focus on marketing, communication and design issues.
LSI Interior becomes LSI Group
LSI Interiors gets new owners and the different business areas store interior and public environment are incorporated. With DNA from the carpentry's solid know-how, the companies in the group are developing more and more towards realizing unique concepts in the premium segment.
LSI expands nationally and internationally
LSI is an established supplier to leading brands and performs interior design assignments globally. Close cooperation with international architectural and design agencies has been developed.