About us

With our on production in the south of Sweden, just outside Malmö and office in Stockholm, we can offer our services and expertise throughout the entire process – from consultation, product development and production to project management and on-site assembly – regardless of where in the world. We are passionate about and always strive to deliver high-class interior design, regardless of material, to you as a customer. We love what we do and believe our passion shows in what we manufacture and deliver. We help your company produce high-quality interior design for your particular project. With a wide network and solid experience, we can supply all types of interior design, large and small, for all types of projects – from the neighborhood pub to the international mall – and everything in between.


Tim Hartler

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Erik Asplund

CSO - Chief Sales Officer

Lotta Andersson

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

Håkan Ewerlöf

Production Manager

Håkan Svensson

Warehouse & Logistics

Olle Andersson

Cabinet maker

Martin Andersén

Warehouse & Logistics

Devad Burnic

Cabinet maker

Ervin Jusofovic

Cabinet maker

Aline Lindskoug

CNC Operator / Cabinet maker

Marcus Persson


Johan Thufvesson

Cabinet maker

Sam Wurth

Cabinet maker


Even though we started as a fine carpentry shop, we can deliver furnishings of all types and materials. It can be anything from an 8 meter long bar counter in stone to a meeting room made of metal mesh. No materials or constructions are too advanced for us and with a large network of partners we can put together the most advanced types of furnishings.


We always strive to deliver the highest quality for you as a customer – while maintaining consideration for the environment we live and work in. Quality is about so much more than the perfect surface treatment or meeting a joint. It’s about us, through the entire process, ensuring a product and delivery that meets your expectations – financially, in terms of quality and sustainability. Our goal is always that you as a customer should feel satisfied with your interior design and us as a supplier and producer.

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“With a feeling for materials and design, a focus on the whole and high service, create brand-strengthening indoor environments. LSI Group will become a market leader for indoor environments that create experiences and strengthen brands”

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