Eton – NK Stockholm

For a long time, Eton has wanted to develop the physical experience of its concept, as well as exceed their customers’ expectations of style, quality and luxury. At the same time, challenging themselves in a more sustainable way of thinking regarding interior design has also been a strong contributing factor in the development of their store concept. As a long-standing partner, together with Eton, we have been a large part of this development journey and process, where high flexibility and demands for new thinking and alternative sustainable materials have been some of the cornerstones of the project to develop and produce a new interior design concept.

The stainless steel elements in the concept create a more stripped-down feeling of luxury, which together with softer shapes and materials harmonize well. An important starting point in the creation of the concept is the idea of ​​a more sustainable interior design. Materials, constructions and climate impact in the various elements have been analyzed and carefully selected based on parameters such as quality, environmental impact and lifespan.

One of the most concrete examples of this is, in addition to stainless displays and acrylic in 100% recycled material, the softly rounded display and storage tables and cash register in the material Really from Kvadrat. A textile disc consisting of waste material from the textile industry – everything from old clothes to material waste in fabric production. A board that, despite its innovative composition and structure, can be processed in a modern joinery, albeit with adaptations and high demands on skilled craftsmen.

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