Chez Jolie – Stockholm

At a classic Stockholm address, Chez Jolie has opened its doors. The Stureplans group’s latest major venture offers a French home-from-home feel, with inspiration drawn from both the French countryside and the luxurious metropolitan bistro. The wealth of detail that pervades the restaurant is not visible in the bar in the food and layout; The decor is in a class of its own, with decorative solid oak wall panels, large lumpy sofas, a mammoth oak and Giallo Sienna marble bar, and the many mirrors of various shapes and sizes found throughout the restaurant. As the producer of the special interior, LSI has played a key role in the project, which has lasted over a year. In a close collaboration between client and architect, we have dealt with construction and design issues and project led an extensive assembly of all special furnishings together with our partners and subcontractors. Characteristic of the interior is the incredible wealth of detail, the exclusive material choices and the high level of finish, in a design signed by Hippo Ray. A series of playful elements can be found, among other things, in the court master’s pulpit covered entirely in leather or in the wavy, shiny DJ booth in the middle of the venue. A challenging and exciting project that made high demands on craftsmanship, project management and quality assurance.

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