Eway – Malmö, Sweden

Eway at Burlöv Center outside Malmö is the postal agent of the future, designed and developed by Ideas. A study of the future way of receiving and returning packages while other services are offered, such as childcare and free workplaces for an inspiring environment to work in. We have produced all special furnishings commissioned by […]

Helio – Stockholm

Helio expands with offices, meeting rooms and coworking spaces in the DN- Skyscraper at Kungsholmen in Stockholm

Malmö Arena

For Malmö Arena’s new exclusive Lounge 4, LSI Group has created two new bars in brushed brass and stone laminate. From the prime location designed as a casual luxury living-room, guests can enjoy the entertainment and hospitability. Architect: Lena Grimshorn Architectural Bureau


The ideas of a creative office environment with space for unformal meeting was brought to reality by building in walnut, brass and friendly colors

Zenit Design

An amazing office space with respect for time and history

Hallarna – Halmstad

LSI Group has produced the interior solutions for the entire public area in Corian, massive ash-wood and powder coated steel

Helio GT30

The interiors delivered by LSI Group is designed with inspiration from the leading hotels and restaurants and breathes an international touch

World Trade Center

The interiors, produced in dark oak, oxidized metal and earth tone textiles, includes serving line, sofas, wall mounted shelfs, coffee shop and several wall lining installations